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iKit Automatic Kit (650/900mAh)

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iKit Automatic Kit (650/900mAh)

650mAh / 900mAh Vaporizer Pen


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iKit Automatic Vaporizer Pen Includes:
1 × Mini BCC-S Clear Cartomizer
1 × Clear Cartomizer head
1 × Mini mouthpiece
1 × iKit Battery (650/900mAh)
1 × USB Charger Cable
iKit Manual Vape Pen
The iKit Automatic Vape Pen is an innovative cigarette substitute with multiple protection functions such as short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, overcharge protection, and atomizer protection. It features automatic rear inductor and a stable high-capacity lithium battery (650mAh/900mAh). It charges quickly (5V output) and both its cartomizer (approximate capacity: 1.6 ml) and cartomizer head can be used repeatedly. Enjoy your iKit Automatic Vape Pen without worrying about second-hand smoke.

iKit Manual Vape Pen Assembly


1. The cartomizer coil is located at base of BCC allowing e liquid to vaporize as soon as the cartomizer head heats up.
2. No leaks!
3. The cartomizer head is replaceable. Change it periodically for best performance.

iKit Manual Vape Pen Details

Short-circuit Protection:
When output resistance is lower than 1 ohm, LED light will turn on (for two seconds) and power will shut off.

Low-voltage Protection:
When battery voltage is below 3.1V, LED light will blink ten times and power will shut off.

Overcharge Protection:
Once battery is done charging (4.2V), it will automatically stop charging.

Cartomizer Protection:
When you vape over 5 seconds, LED light will blink two times and power will shut off.

iKit Manual Vape Pen Colors

Colors: silver, black, purple, and blue

For a better vaping experience use atomizer at 2.2Ω or above.

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iKit Automatic Kit (650/900mAh)